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Thursday Thoughts - October 13 2016

posted Nov 11, 2016, 1:37 PM by Nikki Roe

Thursday Thoughts – October 13, 2016


Well, this morning we had our first taste of the months ahead of us – offset positively for me by the amazing fall colors.  The colors are amazing but I’ve never been able to capture the intensity of color in photos. Perhaps I’m being sent a message just to enjoy them as they are!


Baby Watch

Our second baby appeared in the wee hours of Tuesday – Edward Lee Weber Duncan weighed in at 8lbs. 13oz. and is 21 ¼ inches long with a full head of dark hair.  Mom had a long period of labor and delivery, but I can assure you that they are all well!  We’ll also be preparing meals for them, after family has visited to welcome Lee into the family!  Watch this space!!


Meals for the Wenzels

We would like to start meals for the Wenzels – after the birth of Annabelle.  I’m told they eat ‘everything.’  We will begin on Monday, October 17 and go for two weeks every other day – with meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Their address is 10336 Winslow Road, Janesville.  There are several ways to get there and Sue McClure will be happy to get you directions.  The way I know is to go out First Street in Cedar Falls to Union Road.  Turn right/north and go as far as you can and turn left on Winslow Road.  Their home is on your right, not far after you turn.  If you would like to prepare a meal but can’t deliver it, Sue McClure will deliver it – please have the meal at Trinity by 3pm.


Thanks to all!  October 9 was a very busy day!

Thank you to everyone who brought their pets last Sunday for a blessing and a chance to show off their animal companions and brought donations for the Cedar Valley humane Society.  A special thank you to Jo for our prelude at 10am – Talk to the Animals!  And another THANK YOU for everyone who helped and/or walked in the Hunger Hiker.  Debbie Lane was in charge of registering the walkers and her committee included Sylvia Flutcher and Diane Neuhaus.  Walkers were Jo Capoccioni, Diane Neuhaus, Linda Valentine and ‘yours truly.’  It’s not too late to support a walker.  Feel free to contact one of the walkers this week, as we will need to turn in our pledge sheets.  And another thank you to Debbie Lane who has been our connection with the Hunger Hike for a long time.



Opportunities for Mission and Ministry!!

Our Wednesday noon Eucharists have resumed.  Join us in the chapel for the service and in the library for a sack lunch.  Everyone is welcome.


 Saturday, October 15 – Annual Bazaar and ‘This and That’ Sale

Can You Help?

It's time for our annual Bazaar and This 'n That sale.  You can help in lots of ways.  You can donate your gently used items no longer needed, bake for the baked goods sale, handmade crafts, come for lunch and partake of our famous Sloppy Joes or nachos, help set up on Friday, late afternoon, or work on Saturday.  We need helpers to set up on Friday afternoon. Please call the church office next week to find out the exact time for the set up.  The Bazaar itself is Saturday from 8am – 2pm and we always can used your help then. On Sunday we will have the opportunity to shop after both services and lunch will be served after the 10am service. A few helpers are needed on Sunday as well – especially as we take everything down after lunch on Sunday.


The AFRECS (American Friends of the Episcopal Church in the Sudans) Conference will be the weekend of October 21-23 at the Marriott in West Des Moines. More material is on the kiosk or visit the AFRECS website at


The following week (Friday and Saturday) is our Diocesan Convention in Des Moines. You will be represented by Judy Henry, Matt Aronson and your clergy.  We are hopeful that Bishop Samuel Peni will be able to attend our convention as well.


Trunk or Treat #9 is Friday, October 28th from 6:00-7:30pm in our parking lot.  How about decorating your trunk?  This event provides a safe and fun environment for kids to go trick or treating.  Refreshments will be served and you can vote on your favorite trunk!  Thembi and I will miss out this year – it’s Diocesan Convention time.


Closing Thoughts –

Recently Maureen Doherty held a round table conversation on "planning the final Celebration; a gift to your family."  Such programs are wonderful opportunities to think through funeral plans, etc. when the discussions are not precipitated by an immediate need to plan a funeral.  Joining her were the Continuous Care and Advanced Planning staff of Locke/Kearns/LaPorteCity/GardenView Funeral Homes. I want to thank Maureen for using us as a ‘trial’ group.  Several people have shared how helpful it was for them and that was the point.  Thanks to Maureen and co-workers at Locke/Kearns/LaPorte City/GardenView Funeral Homes.


We extend our deepest sympathy to Dan and Melody Rockwell of Cedar Rapids on the unexpected death of their daughter, Elizabeth.  Melody’s ministry as a vocational deacon has touched many parts of our diocese.  Maureen and I attended the celebration of Elizabeth’s life today at Christ Episcopal Church, Cedar Rapids.


And congratulations to St. Luke’s Cedar Falls as they celebrate their 160th anniversary in the Cedar Valley!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you for your special celebration!


I want to conclude with what I suppose may be an all ‘too modest’ hope in the weeks ahead of our national and local elections.  My hope and prayer is for a spirit of civility and respect at all levels, but especially at the national level.  While my memory of election history goes back quite a way yet not as long as some of you, I have been embarrassed at the tenor of the debate and ads taken out. 


As you know, I was present for the 1994 first ever democratic elections in South Africa and for subsequent elections through 2012.  And while those were not bland and/or lacking in emotions, the parties contesting the elections in the Western Cape took an oath to respect one another and to resist violence in the electoral process.  Of course, there were a few infractions of those oaths, but for the most part, they were taken seriously.  Perhaps we might need a similar process, especially after this year’s campaign.


In the peace and hope of Christ,




Nikki Roe,
Nov 11, 2016, 1:37 PM