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Thursday Thoughts - November 12 2015

posted Nov 13, 2015, 12:29 PM by Nikki Roe   [ updated Nov 13, 2015, 12:32 PM ]

Thursday Thoughts – November 12, 2015


You still have a chance to view the Installation of our new Presiding Bishop - the Most Reverend Michael B Curry!

You can watch the installation of our new Presiding Bishop  on the Washington National Cathedral’s website, or their YouTube channel -  I watched it Sunday afternoon and it was an amazing service.  I'm used to long services so this one was moderate in length.  For others, you may want to watch it in segments.


Have you looked at our website lately?  Please do.

Matt Harrison and Nikki Roe have been working on our website and it’s coming along well.  We need photos!  Do you have photos of Trinity activities that we might post on our website?  We need photos!! We are setting up a special file to which you can send photos. In the meantime, you can email them to


Sunday, December 6 is the date for the Holiday Mini-Bazaar, from 9-12 noon in the Parish Hall.  Set-up will be Saturday, December 5th.  Baked goods, holiday and gift items will be for sale and there will be a Silent Auction as well.


A very important date – mark your calendars now!

We have received word from the Office of the Bishop that he has set the date for Mindy Valentine’s ordination to the transitional diaconate.  It’s Saturday, December 12th, at 3pm in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Des Moines.  Ken Messer of St. John’s, Keokuk also will be ordained at that time. There will be conversations closer to the time about our responsibilities for the reception, etc. as well as how we might share in the travel to and from Des Moines.  For now, please mark your calendars!!


AED is installed - are you trained to use it or would you like to be trained?

A gift from our Memorial committee has arrived and has been installed.   We have an Automated External Defibrillator, and Ray McClure has installed it in a cabinet by the church office.  If you have a CPR/AED certification, please let Ray or Sue know.  If you would like this training, we have some funds available to reimburse the cost. 


Chime Choir this Sunday – there’s still room for you!!

Practice for the Chime Choir is after the 10am service and after you've had a chance to get a cup of coffee.  We're a diverse group with differing musical abilities - so all are welcome!


Lecture Series not to miss – Islam and Iowa Politics

This three part series is sponsored by the UNI Department of Philosophy and World Religions and one session remains:  November 13 – ‘We the People’: Trust in Public Discourse – 4pm in Sabin 2.


Thanks to Matt Harrison for the installation of a new system of routers, with the hope that it will make access to the internet available anywhere in our building!!  This has taken several evenings of his time.  Thanks again, Matt!


The annual Kimball Avenue Interfaith Thanksgiving service will be Tuesday, November 24, at 7pm at the Kimball Avenue United Methodist Church.  I hope you will consider attending this service.  In the past, we have not participated in the service as a parish family.  Most of the time it’s just the two of us clergy have attended.  Also, we have been asked, along with all the other churches, to provide five dozen cookies for the reception afterwards.  Please let me know if you can bring two dozen cookies for that service. 


Next date to work at the Food Bank is Saturday, December 5 and the time is 9-11am.


Thanks again to everyone who attended the Wednesday Potluck and Bishop Samuel's presentation.

We had a good turnout Wednesday, and it was nice to be able to welcome members of the Peace and Justice group in Waterloo/Cedar Falls.  I believe it is based at the Mennonite Church in Cedar Falls. We also welcomed some from our sister parish of St. Luke's  The free will offering which was taken totaled $550 and will be used to support his ministry in Nzara and the wider Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan.


St. Margaret's Group meets on Thursday, November 19 at noon in the Parish Library.  They will be discussing chapter 7 of Megan McKenna's book Parables.


St. Margaret’s is preparing to Adopt-A-Family again this year.  They don’t have a family yet as we are still in the period of time where families can sign up.  If you know of a family needed some support in the holiday season, they can still sign up at the Salvation Army office at 89 Franklin Street, Waterloo.  They must be residents of Black Hawk County and they must bring with them the following: (1) a picture identification; (2) proof of income and expenses; (3) Social Security cards for all family members; and (4) birth certificates from children 17 and under. Registration on the following dates only: November12 & 13 from 9am-12 noon and 4pm-6pm.


We have just commemorated Veterans’ Day as a nation.  Weekly pray for two members of our congregation who are currently serving in the armed forces.  This Sunday there will be cards to be sent to them from the parish.  Please take a moment to sign the cards to Michael Roe, Jr, and Tommy Parker.  The cards will be on a table in the Parish Hall.  Many thanks.


Closing Thoughts . . .

We continue to pray for our sisters and brothers in the Diocese of Nzara, and especially for Bishop Samuel as he continues to head of the justice, peace and reconciliation work for the entire province comprised of Sudan and South Sudan.  Hearing the reality of Bishop Peni’s life in South Sudan today seems almost hard to believe, as compared to the situation when we visited there in February of this year.  He needs our special prayers.

We continue to pray for an end to the renewed violence between Palestinians and the Israeli government and for efforts to bring both sides into a discussion and cease-fire.  Attempts to slow the progress of ISIS continue, with more moderate groups also being targeted by Russian soldiers and tensions seem to be rising in that region. We continue to pray for the large numbers of refugees fleeing the Middle East.  The Middle East continues to be a place of great sorrow for me.  I keep praying that one day there will be peace and justice for all in that part of our world, but the ‘how’ seems to elude all of us.  We also continue to experience violence, especially gun violence, in our community, and we continue to pray and work for an end to the violence.


One lovely encounter we have with Bishop Peni whilst in South Sudan was as we were sitting under the huge mango tree outside the Bishop’s house.  He introduced us to his brother, ‘this is my brother, the son of my mother.’  It seemed a different way to introduce someone, something like repeating the obvious.  Later when we asked him about it, he explained it this way:  everyone is my brother or my sister, but when I explain it that way you know I mean someone who is related to me by blood.  What a wonderful way to think about our neighbors.   Something for us to think about in the week ahead.


In the peace and hope of Christ,




This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are care givers or who might become a care giver (and that would include all of us).  My thanks to the Catholic parishes in Waterloo for setting this up and inviting our participation.


Immediate Release




The Catholic Parishes in Waterloo and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare will co-host a retreat for family care-givers on Saturday, Nov. 21, at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo.


The retreat will address some of the personal, emotional and spiritual issues which are common among family care-givers.


Dave Cushing, director of adult formation for the parishes, said family care-givers often feel overwhelmed, confused and unprepared for their role. As a result, over time, some begin to feel resentful, discouraged or angry.


Cushing said care-giving can also raise issues of a spiritual nature which are not addressed by social service agencies.


"Even people who pray regularly and are active in their churches may begin to question God's providence or their own ability to accept the responsibilities of care-giving," Cushing explained.

"It’s not unusual for family care-givers to wonder, 'Why is God doing this to me?' or to think, "I don't deserve this.'"


Although these feelings are common even among active believers, Cushing said many feel embarrassed or guilty and are reluctant to acknowledge them.


The retreat provides an opportunity for prayer, reflection and discussion about some of the spiritual, emotional and personal challenges of care-giving among people of faith.


"Our goal is to help family care-givers find strength, encouragement and support from their religious beliefs," Cushing said.


Any individual who provides care to family members, neighbors or friends is welcome to attend the retreat, even if they have attended before.


The retreat begins at 9:00am in the chapel wing at Covenant Medical Center on West Ninth Street and

concludes with a complementary lunch at 12:00pm.


The retreat is free and open to care-givers or any age or faith.  Pre-registration is required; the registration deadline is Nov. 18.


Information and registration is available at 319-233-0498 and online at

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Media Contact:

Dave Cushing, Director of Adult Formation

The Catholic Parishes in Waterloo



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