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Thursday Thoughts - June 23 2016

posted Jun 29, 2016, 12:20 PM by Nikki Roe

Thursday Thoughts – June 23, 2016


Dear Friends,


Thank you to everyone who attended our MULCHING PARTY last evening – you covered a huge part of our garden.  Thanks to Kathleen Sallee, Becky Adams, Jessie Swan and Maureen Doherty.  They mulched ‘til there was no more mulch.  We also have a rain gauge installed.  We can always use volunteers.  Once the mulching is complete, we need to weed now and then and also to water, when Mother Nature lets us down.


Our landscaping project is very exciting!!

If you would still like to make a donation to this project, that would be most welcome.  Checks can be made out to Trinity Episcopal Parish and designated ‘for landscaping.’  If you have purchased plants on your own, please save the sales slip and Sue can give you a letter for tax purposes.


Catholic Worker meal this coming Monday

Our next meal is Monday, July 11th and we’re looking forward to a summer picnic food format.  A signup sheet is on the kiosk.


Lay Eucharistic Ministers update

We have set up a schedule for the taking of Communion to members unable to come to church.  Under our new schedule, each person should be visited and taken Communion twice a month – once by their lay Eucharistic minister and once by one of the clergy.  Chuck and I will take turns visiting everyone.  And we have instituted a little change to the service at 10am, with the lay minister having a bit of a speaking part: introducing the Collect for Purity, the Collect for the Day and the Nicene Creed, and lead the psalm between the two lessons.  We’re trying it out over the summer to see how everyone feels about it.


IT’S JUNE – again

And we’ve started collecting HyVee till slips again.  They can be from any Waterloo, Cedar Falls or Waverly HyVee, including the slips from re-fueling at the HyVee gas stations.


And don’t forget to keep saving . . .  

We are still accepting your medicine bottles and pop tops from beverages and the larger pull tops for some canned foods.  The pop tops will benefit the Iowa City Ronald McDonald House.  The medicine bottles go to a medical project in Malawi.


Back-to-School Project

It’s time for one of our favoring projects!  Last year the program gave school supplies to 3,400 students in Cedar Valley. While we don’t have a date when the project ends, you can never start collecting too soon – so let’s get started!  Boxes will come next week – but you can bring school supplies now.  This is a project you can tell your friends about.  IMPORTANT FACT: this project is done solely by volunteers so 100% of the donations go to the project!.  Let’s fill those boxes so all the children of our Cedar Valley can begin school with the supplies they need.


Scholarship Applications are being received now!!

Trinity has a Memorial Education Fund which provides $300 to any Trinity Parish student entering in their second year of post-high school studies. Forms are available in the office and the deadline is August 1.


Safeguarding God’s Children – we are in the process of organizing a class for those in the preschool and parish who need to have this training.  Please see the signup list in the kiosk.  It’s a one session course and will be held at Trinity.


Hope Camp is happening July 20-24 at Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center in Montour, Iowa.  As you know, this is the camp which our Deacon Chuck Lane organizes every summer for children who have one or both parents incarcerated.  This is a very special camp for kids in challenging situations.  And the stories of lives which have been changed through this opportunity are many and very impressive.  Each year we collect foods that can be transported easily.  Chuck and I have talked about it and our usual donations are dried cereals and pancake mix – the ‘add water only’ variety.  I’m also thinking it would be great if we could collect the makings for s’mores – chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows!  How can you have camp without a campfire and s’mores?  I’ll have a collection bin at both entrances on Sunday.  Thank you.   


Continuous Care Summer Groups – Maureen Doherty

Maureen Doherty recently began working with Locke, Kearns, Garden View and La Pore City Funeral Homes in the development of a program focusing on continuous for individuals and families after the loss of a loved one.  This program was previously facilitated by Judy Mulock who has had to step down from that position.  There will be two Continuous Care Summer Groups which Maureen will be facilitating – Self-Care in Grief on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:30 pm; and Life After Death of a Spouse on the third Thursday of each month, from 4:00-5:30 pm.  The location for both groups is the Kimball Ridge Center Boardroom.  This is a very important offering to our Cedar Valley community.  If you have questions, please contact Maureen at 319-505-3048. See kiosk for more info.


Would you like to be a part of the growing network of advocates sharing the message that the caring relationships we build with the children, families and adults in our lives matters in developing healthy brains and thriving communities?  That’s a long question, but it is a very important part of making the Cedar Valley a thriving area in which to live and learn.  If you are intrigued by this question, please see the flyer on the kiosk – CONNECTIONS MATTER.


Would you like to walk for a good cause?

We have been invited to take part in the Antioch Church 5K walk/run on Saturday, August 13, beginning at 9am at 426 Sumner Street.  ‘Rock with Kiymarius’ is to benefit little Kiymarius who was diagnosed with 22q13 deletion syndrome which leads to developmental delay, moderate to profound intellectual disability, decreased muscle tone and absent or delayed speech.  If you want more information, please see the information sheet on the kiosk/


Closing Thoughts . . .

In case you’ve been unsure, summer has arrived!!  My Waterloo Days have come and gone and this weekend it’s Sturgis Falls Celebration.  Lots of opportunity to enjoy the gifts of the Cedar Valley. 


Speaking for myself, I’m still trying to process the tragic shooting in Orlando and now the news of a family ‘gifting’ their 14 year old daughter to a man in his mid-forties at that time four year ago!  In a related matter, I can only refer to the position of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Luke in Orlando to the LBGTQ community as cruel and tragic.  Thank you to Trinity members and friends who attended the Vigil last week – it was wonderfully diverse group of people wanting to share their support for the LBGTQ community and for all those touched by the horrific shooting in Orlando.


And our Congress still has to seriously consider some stricter gun restrictions on persons on certain ‘watch’ lists.  Some members of the U.S. House of Representatives have resorted to the tried and true form of nonviolent demonstrations to register their reaction to the inaction of Congress.


We also remember those affected by the wildfires in our western states and by the very high temperatures this early in the summer months.


I hope you are having a good summer.


 In the peace and hope of Christ,


Nikki Roe,
Jun 29, 2016, 12:20 PM