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Rev. Chuck Lane, Deacon

I have been a member of Trinity since 1972, except for the 3 years I moved away when working for Goodyear Tire Company. I kept my membership at Trinity those 3 years. I have been a deacon at Trinity since October 6, 1995. My ministry experience started in 1961, while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa. I was fortunate to work with those on the island who had no voice and to work with The Right Rev. Ed Browning. My ministry has been working in youth, prison and jail ministry; working in the inner city with different cultures, social justices; and being a advocate for those less fortunate. My experience is taking the time to learn and listen to people of a different culture and to listen to the stories of those who don't have a voice in the community. I enjoy going on mission trips. My hours vary but are usually 10am-2pm Monday-Friday and always Sunday and any special occasion that might come up. My interest is coaching sports, especially football. At the present, I am a varsity football coach at East High School in Waterloo. I help coach the defense backs. My hobbies are reading books about different cultures and watching how people of different cultures interact with each other in communities.